Arrow Head Plant in Pot 30cm High


Bring the lush beauty of the outdoors into your event space with our exquisite Arrow Head Plant in Pot, standing gracefully at 30cm high. This verdant beauty serves as a stunning addition to any occasion, infusing your event with a touch of natural elegance and charm.

The Arrow Head Plant, also known as Syngonium podophyllum, boasts striking arrow-shaped leaves with variegated patterns of green and cream, adding visual interest and vibrancy to any setting. Housed in a sleek and modern pot, this plant effortlessly elevates the ambience of weddings, corporate events, and intimate gatherings alike.

Perfect for adorning tabletops, mantels, or entranceways, this potted plant serves as a versatile décor element that seamlessly integrates into any theme or style. Whether used as a standalone accent piece or incorporated into larger floral arrangements, its presence brings a sense of tranquillity and freshness to your event.

Standing at a height of 30cm, this Arrow Head Plant strikes the perfect balance between statement-making and space-saving, allowing it to command attention without overwhelming the space. Its compact size makes it easy to incorporate into event setups, while its vibrant foliage adds a pop of colour and life to every corner.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our Arrow Head Plant is not only visually stunning but also easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for event décor. Let its natural beauty serve as a backdrop for unforgettable moments, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and enchanting.

Elevate your event décor with our Arrow Head Plant in Pot – where nature meets sophistication. Create an ambience that captivates hearts and leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.

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