White Frosted Footed Vase 17 x 60cm


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Transform your event space into a realm of elegance with our White Frosted Footed Vases. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate gala, or any special occasion, these exquisite vases serve as the perfect centrepiece solution. Crafted with sophistication in mind, their frosted white finish adds a touch of timeless charm to any setting.

Designed to captivate, these vases beautifully complement round tables, enhancing the overall ambience with their graceful presence. Their versatile nature allows for creative exploration - flip them upside down for a unique twist on traditional decor, or leave them upright to showcase floral arrangements in all their glory.

Elevate your event decor effortlessly with our White Frosted Footed Vases, where every detail speaks volumes of refinement and style. Make a statement that lasts in the memories of your guests, leaving them enchanted by the enchanting allure of these stunning vases.

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